Wine Bottle Bird Feeder Ideas (To Do Yourself)

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Bring more beauty into your yard and help your local wildlife get through the winter by turning an empty wine bottle into a DIY Wine Bottle Bird Feeder. With the seemingly endless parade of parties and celebrations of the holiday season, you may find yourself with more empty wine bottles than usual. Before you toss those bottles into the recycling bin, consider re-purposing them in a ‘birdy-meaningful’ way!

Not all birds fly south for the winter. Finches, sparrows, chickadees, and robins are just a few of our bird friends that stick around and brave the freezing temperatures. To generate enough body heat to stay comfy and cozy outdoors all winter long, they must eat a great deal of fat-rich food. By creating beautiful and functional bird feeders from your empty wine bottles, and filling them with the right foods, you can beautify your home while helping our fine feathered friends survive until Spring.

Best Winter Foods for Birds

The best birdseed with which to fill your wine bottle bird feeder over the winter is seed high in fat and oil content, providing enough energy for winter survival. Some excellent options are:

  • Black oil sunflower seeds
  • Good de-shelled peanuts
  • Suet mixes
  • Peanut Butter
  • White millet seed
  • Nyjer (thistle) seed
  • Cracked corn

Top 7 DIY Bird Feeder Ideas

1) Upside Down Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder
Upside Down Wine Bottle Bird Feeder | Image credit: DownHomeInspiration

This house-shaped bird feeder would not only make an attractive addition to your yard, but it offers critical shelter to birds over the winter. The roof structure keeps snow off the feeding dish and allows birds to feed while being sheltered from winter storms.

The roof also helps to protect the birdseed from squirrels that climb down onto bird feeders from the trees. Since the frame is wood, you can also use it as a canvas to express your painting creativity. This feeder will also test what you learned in high school woodshop! Here are instructions on how to make this fun and functional feeder.

2) Wine Bottle Bird Feeder with Dish

Feeder with Dish
Wine Bottle Bird Feeder with Dish | Image credit: Rebecca’sBirdGardensBlog

This adorable bird feeder can be easily hung from any tree, bush or pole in your yard. It is also easy to refill, thanks to the hinged bottle stoppers.

If you inherited a bunch of china that you know you will never use because the pattern is outdated, or you enjoy collecting antique saucers, this is the perfect use for those small plates. They also add a pretty, decorative touch to the feeder. The instructions for this feeder do require some glass cutting, so don’t forget those safety goggles!

3) Wine Bottle Bird Feeder with Perch Holes

Feeder with Perch Holes
Wine Bottle Bird Feeder with Perch Holes | Image credit: Rebecca’sBirdGardensBlog

If you like the look of a hanging wine bottle bird feeder, but are quite handy around the garage and looking for more of a challenge, take a look at the instructions for this one with metal feeding ports.

The lack of a feeding dish means there is nowhere for heavy snow to collect in the winter, making the seed more accessible to the birds and reducing the number of times you need to trek out in the bad weather to clear off the feeder. You can also express your creativity by Bedazzling (or otherwise decorating) the outside of the wine bottle.

4) Paracord Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Paracord Wine Bottle Bird Feeder
Paracord Wine Bottle Bird Feeder | Image credit: FourOaksCrafts

If you prefer cutting wood rather than glass, this bird feeder is an excellent and easy option for you. After cutting the circular pieces of wood, just string it all together using paracord rope attached to a carabiner. This is also an excellent way to upcycle some of those leftover wine corks! Here are the instructions for this rustic-style bird feeder.

5) Hummingbird Wine Bottle Feeder

Hummingbird Wine Bottle Feeder
Hummingbird Wine Bottle Feeder | Image credit: TheChillyDog

Fast forward to summer: there is nothing more beautiful, eye-catching and awe-inspiring than watching a hummingbird in flight. Who wouldn’t want to attract and care for these elusive little birds?

If you’re as much of a hummingbird fan as we are, take a look at the easy instructions for making this hummingbird feeder.  It’s as pretty as the birds it is designed to attract! The best part is, there is no glass or woodcutting involved. Also, don’t forget that hummingbirds feed on hummingbird nectar and not birdseed.

6) Fish-Shaped Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

If you are a true outdoorsman that loves fishing as much as bird watching, this is the perfect project for you! The fish design also makes excellent nautical or beach-front decor for coastal living. All you need is a tree, a bottle, a PVC fence post top, a jigsaw, a heat gun, and a little wire. Check out this how-to video on putting this unique bird feeder together.

7) Wine Bottle and Glass Bird Feeder

Glass Bird Feeder
Wine Bottle and Glass Bird Feeder

We couldn’t find specific instructions on how to make this bird feeder, but it looks so cool that we just had to include it on our list! This one is a true DIY effort for all of you handy types. Try to figure out how to make this one on your own. It looks easy enough, with just some copper wire, but we’ll leave it to you to figure out. Good luck!

Bird Feeder Tips for Winter

To attract the most birds possible to your beautiful wine bottle feeder, consider the following tips:

  • Birds want to stay hidden from predators and harsh winter winds. Rather than placing your bird feeder in the middle of an empty yard where birds will feel too exposed, provide them with a more sheltered location. Hang your feeder close to trees and bushes, or near your house. However, keep it a few feet away from windows to prevent window collisions.
  • Secure your feeder against strong winds and heavy, wet snow by securing it with a chain and snap-lock hook, and hanging it from a strong pole.
  • Keep your feeders full. It’s not fun to frequently trek outside in winter for birdseed refills, so when you do, fill your feeder to the top so it lasts longer. Birds will also come to rely on your feeders for their survival, so make sure you are consistent in replenishing them.
  • Keep snow from accumulating on your bird feeder. It can prevent birds from perching and accessing food.

Making a Wine Bottle Bird Feeder is an excellent way to upcycle those empty bottles and unleash your creativity. It’s also a great DIY project for those cold days when you’re stuck inside. And, these feeders will attract beautiful birds into your yard, brightening up those otherwise gloomy winter days.

Which bird feeder would look best in your yard?  Share your thoughts below, or link to another project the rest of the community would enjoy.  Stay warm!


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