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Unforgettable Closing Gifts

The Gift That Guarantees You'll Leave a Lasting Impression

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At Prestige Decanters our products are handmade by the finest wood and glass artisans. If you're going for the WOW factor then look no further.

Give our decanters as a gift, there's no doubt their friends will want to know where they got it - and they'll have you to thank for it!

Free Engraving Offered on Every Purchase

Add Two Engravings to Each Decanter (for free) for a Personalized Gift That's Also Tax Deductible

Personalized for Your Client

personalized engraving

Stay Top of Mind

personalized engraved plaque

We can add two engravings to each decanter so you can give your clients a gift thats personalized for them but also includes your contact information. Our decanters are a form of advertising which is 100% tax deductible (consult your tax professional).

When you give a gift like this, you leave a lasting impression that spans decades.

Why Give Closing Gifts?

Show Your Appreciation

If people aren’t appreciated and just feel like another meal ticket to you, they’ll take their business somewhere else next time. You’ve been busy in the mechanics of the transaction. Have you taken a moment to show them how valued they are? A closing gift is an easy way to wow them.

Stay Top of Mind

The best closing gifts help Realtors stay at the top of mind of their clients for many years. Repeat business is always cheaper, more sustainable, easier to close and more profitable. It’s hard to win clients. Once you do, never let them go.


Having your gift be constantly accessible and visible in their new home means they can easily refer you and hand over your contact information. As well as just being visible and constantly helping to brand you with their family, friends and other visitors.

Gaining Good Online Reviews

Realtors live and die by their online reviews today. If you really want to impress you’ve got to go above and beyond their expectations. They don’t get everything else you did and all the hard work behind the scenes. A simple and affordable gift can make all the difference.

Create Positive Memories

Even a small gift can be powerful. Every time they see it, they’ll mentally link your name and brand with the moment they got the keys to their own home. That’s a very strong and powerful emotion. Even better if the gift itself continues to help them create great new memories.

Stand Out

When a neighbor visits their home, sees your gift, and your client asks what they got, and their agent didn’t get them a gift, that’s an instant victory. It is certainly a good thing that not everyone gives closing gifts, it gives you the chance to really stand out!

What a Successful Closing Gift Should Achieve

be unforgettable

Be Unforgettable

How will they refer you if they can’t remember your name? When you give a gift like this, you leave a lasting impression that spans decades.

be long lasting

Be Long Lasting

Give them something that will last. A box of cookies is going to be gone fast, along with any value your gift could have had.

be used around others

Be Used Around Others

Ideally, this gift will be used whenever someone comes into their house. That makes it easy to share their story and refer you.

be remarkable

Be Remarkable and Unique

We are so busy today, that we can’t possible hold all the data that our brains process everyday. Make sure your closing gift really sticks in their minds.

be relevant


This is common sense really. You don’t want to give them something they will throw away or put in storage. This is where knowing your client really becomes valuable.

be enjoyable


Do not give a toilet plunger, stress ball, or Home Depot gift card they use for an emergency plumbing issue. Don't relate those stressful moments with you.

You Sold Them a Home. Sell Everyone They Know Too.

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