By following these three quick and easy steps you’ll make sure every drop of liquid gold is preserved and protected:

Step #1: Rinse & Check the Spigot

Before we fill our decanter with the good stuff lets give it a quick rinse. This step clears out any packaging material that can sometimes get stuck in the spigot, it also makes sure that everything is functioning properly.

So after you unwrap the spigot, run some water through it for about 3-5 seconds. Make sure the valve is open by aligning the handle straight with the spigot. To close the valve, just turn it to the left or right.

Step #2: Insert & Adjust the Spigot

We’re almost ready to fill our first glass. But first, we need to make sure the spigot tension is adjusted correctly so that it creates an airtight seal with the decanter.

So firmly push the spigot into the decanter. If it doesn’t fit snug and tight then you will need to adjust the tension of the seal.

To adjust the tension, just take the spigot out of the decanter and flip it around so you are looking at the back of the spigot. You will see a small silver ring on the threaded part of the spigot. Just give the ring a few twists to the right – this will compress the seal and make it fit snug within the glass.

After you adjust the seal, push the spigot back into the decanter. If it feels nice and tight then it’s ready for the final water test…

Close the spigot by turning the handle to the left or right and then fill up the decanter with water. After it’s full, turn the spigot handle and let the water flow out. If any water leaks out of the side, then adjust the tension again until a tight seal is created.

Step #3: Insert the Ground Glass Stopper

Even though this step is simple, it’s quite important! Once the ground glass stopper is placed in the decanter it finishes the airtight seal which preserves and protects every last drop of your favorite fluid.

But remember, before you go to pour a drink – you’ll need to remove the glass stopper. This provides the airflow needed for the spigot to work properly.

That’s it! Now it’s time to break out your best bottle, fill your decanter to the brim, and enjoy your first official Prestige Pour.