5 Facebook Whiskey Accounts to Follow Now

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If you’re not following these Facebook whiskey accounts, check them out now! You’re in for new ideas, fantastic reviews, rich history, and wonderful social media experiences. Contribute to their online communities. Share photos, make friends, attend events, and raise your whiskey glasses to these whiskey lovers.

No one has asked us to promote their page. We simply like them and hope you like them, too. We’re all about educating our long-time and potential supporters here at Prestige Decanters. And it takes a village, right? Ah, a fine whiskey-loving village. When we come together, we drink more, play more, and learn more.

Facebook Whiskey Accounts About Actual Whiskey

When you’re looking for Facebook pages about actual whiskey, it’s sometimes hard to find them. Hundreds of bands and solo artists love to use the word “whiskey” in their name. These whiskey accounts pour their hearts and souls into the spirit itself instead of into country, rock, and bluegrass.

Facebook Whiskey Accounts You’ll Appreciate

1. The Whiskey Wash

Facebook whiskey accounts - The Whiskey Wash

The ever-classy and brilliant Whiskey Wash, we thank you!
Source: The Whiskey Wash Facebook Profile

The Whiskey Wash is your one-stop shop for your whiskey lifestyle. Their blog is stellar, and they use Facebook to keep you up-to-date with informative writing. Don’t miss their reviews, interviews with experts, and fresh, relevant whiskey topics and discussions. They’re spreading the true golden gospel. Long live The Whiskey Wash!

2. Whiskey Club

Facebook whiskey accounts - Whiskey Club

Whiskey Club is real life. It’s the club you’ve always wanted to join.
Source: Whiskey Club Facebook Profile.

Follow Whiskey Club for giveaways, competitions, and whiskey cocktail recipes, plus sweet photos to get you through the week. They enjoy hearing from their page fans and post regularly, so join their community for inspiration and whiskey fun!

3. Women Who Whiskey

Facebook whiskey accounts - Women Who Whiskey

Cheers for the girls who love their whiskey!
Source: Women Who Whiskey Facebook Profile

So, is this a man’s whiskey world? Women Who Whiskey say no way. The world of whiskey is too wonderful. This one’s for the ladies, although they welcome the menfolk. WWW experiments with whiskey, to educate, to pair with food, to highlight female industry leaders, and more. They host events and are active on Facebook and in their NYC community.

4. Breaking Bourbon

Follow the Breaking Bourbon page for bourbon reviews, recipes, videos, and all things bourbon. We dig their “Tasting Note Tuesdays” column where they break down the all-encompassing experience that bourbon offers. It’s straight whiskey poetry, and we highly recommend it.

5. The Whiskey Jug

The Whiskey Jug dabbles in whiskey reviews, cocktails, history, recipes, and whiskey news. Turn here for what’s new, what’s coming back, what’s set to launch, what’s in, and what’s near extinction. Extra, extra! Read about everything whiskey at the Jug. Whiskey is quite a topic, and this dude has the scoop.

Whiskey On All Fronts

If you’re into Scotch, check out our blog “Scotch Experts to Follow on Instagram – 7 Accounts You Can’t Skip.” You’ll have your Facebook whiskey accounts and your Instagram app set to entertain you. Whiskey on, brothers and sisters.

Our final note? Don’t just read and dream about beautiful whiskey. Buy it, and experience it. Remember, we can hook you up with whiskey decanters and whiskey glasses. Ours are unique, handcrafted, and unforgettable. They make great gifts for your dad, your son, and your best friends (or yourself). And, if you’re into posting home bar photos on FB, they’re definitely Facebook-worthy.

What are your favorite Facebook whiskey accounts? Share them in the comments below and let’s keep learning from each other together. Drink on, whiskey fan!


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