Best Whiskey Bar Chicago? See The 5 Winners

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Looking for the bes whiskey bar Chicago has to offer? So are we. Maybe you’re new to the area or in town on business, or maybe you’ve been in the Windy City all your life. Whatever the case, we hope you’ll give these whiskey bars a shot (get it?). We’re really digging them.

We thank @chicagobourbon for their whiskey input both here and in the world of Instagram and beyond. They’re out there spreading the bourbon gospel. And they know a thing or three about whiskey, tastings, bars, and good vibes.

Your brothers and sisters over here in Kentucky salute you, @chicagobourbon. Follow this whiskey-loving crew now, you guys! Because this is by no means an exhaustive list. They give out Chicago tips and recs regularly.

Best Whiskey Bar Chicago? Check These Out…

Here’s our Chicago lineup. Be sure to check the comments section below for further suggestions as our Prestige readers share even more! The following are listed alphabetically to let you be the judge!


Best whiskey bar Chicago - Delilah's
Delilah’s – 2771 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614 – @delilahschicago

Delilah’s whiskey bar means whiskey business. Their 800+ whiskeys cover about 15 different countries! So we’re encouraging all of our Prestige family to head out and try some. You’ll enjoy the variety: bourbon, rye options, Scotch from every region, and even American craft whiskey pours. Delilah’s also has their own bottlings of rye, Scotch, and bourbon. You can only get those at the bar, so scoot on over!

Delilah’s highlights local talent and artists via an ever-changing gallery, to boot. Film screenings are a regular thing as well. You won’t want to miss the party, Chicago natives, newbies, and visitors. You’re going to feel at home the minute you walk in.


Best whiskey bar Chicago - Drumbar
Drumbar – 201 E Delaware Pl, Chicago, IL 60611 – @drumbarchi

Forbes has called it the best rooftop bar in Chicago, GQ has praised it for its whiskey, and we couldn’t agree more. On the eighteenth floor of the lovely Raffaello Hotel, Drumbar awaits you. Wanting some fresh evening air on the terrace, or a more intimate lounge setting? They’ve got you covered. And that’s just the ambiance.

This speakeasy boasts some of the most sought-after, limited-release whiskeys. If you arrive after 8:00, stick to the dress code. They’re stepping it up with their unique whiskey offerings, so you should step it up, too. This whiskey bar is style and ice and everything nice.


Best whiskey bar Chicago - Longman and Eagle
Longman and Eagle – 2657 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60647 – @longmanandeagle

For the all-around experience, get yourself over to Longman and Eagle. Their motto is one that we applaud: “Whiskey for your mouth, not for our shelves.” They’re ready for you to dive into their collection of over 400 whiskeys. You’ll see the old standbys and some obscure offerings as well. You’ll meet with an encouraging staff who believes in trying them all. (You know, sooner or later.)

Wait, did someone say “rare and vintage bourbons”? Hell to the yes. We’ll see you tomorrow. You can’t wait around on stuff like this, kids. Get over there. Read more about their growing rare bourbon collection here. They also have an off-site bar.


Best whiskey bar Chicago - Steadfast
Steadfast – 120 W Monroe St, Chicago, IL 60603 – @steadfast_chi

We love their drink menu, which includes rye, Irish and Japanese whiskey. You better believe they’re bringing the bourbon. And hands up if you’re in the mood for some reserve whiskey. Well, we’re all in the mood…but if you’re looking to spend for a sip of treasure, you’re in for liquid gold, indeed.

It’s pretty sweet for a date and a rockin’ spot for a business dinner. Talk about taking the edge off–Steadfast is exactly what its name suggests. It’s faithfully awesome. Do yourself the favor of a lifetime and make a whole evening of it. Eat, drink, and drink some more. Hope to see you there, ladies and gents.


Best whiskey bar Chicago - The Franklin Room
The Franklin Room – 675 N Franklin St, Chicago, IL 60654 – @drinkatfranklin

They’re making it their mission to redefine the underground Chicago bottling service. The Franklin Room is a modern speakeasy you don’t want to miss. Here’s the deal: purchase a bottle of whiskey from them, and they’ll store it in their Whiskey Keep.

Enjoy the Keep, as well as whiskey flights, and have a look at their whiskey menu here. Oh, and if you’re going, swing by the Bluegrass State and pick us up! Who wouldn’t want to join the party if you’re headed to The Franklin Room?

Give Us Your Favorites!

It’s difficult for us to put a finger on the best whiskey bar Chicago holds. We say try them all! And try those we haven’t listed here. And if you don’t mind, leave our Prestige community even more whiskey bar favorites in the comments below. Tell us why you love the bars you list. We’d love to hear.

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Finally, check out the article Our 3 Go-To Whiskey Drinks if you’re feeling like a cocktail this evening. Cheers, friends! Chicago is fine anytime.


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