Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Review Roundup

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We’re stoked for this Elijah Craig Barrel Proof review roundup! We hope you are, too. This bottle happens to be one of our favorites here at Prestige. Our passion for it continues year after year. If you haven’t high-fived this snazzy pour yet, we’re thinking you should soon.

It’s been a treat searching Instagram for the consensus on dear ol’ Elijah. Give all of these enthusiasts below a follow on IG. They’re awesome folks. They’re dedicated to bourbon and whiskey in general. And they show that dedication regularly!

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Review Time!

We’re not knocking the Small Batch. We love it, and you can usually find it anytime, anywhere. But there’s something special about the Barrel Proof. Something holy. Add it to our handcrafted decanters and whiskey glasses, and it’s nothing short of miraculous. Just saying.

Let’s hear from the people, y’all. Their words mean a lot to us. But it’s important to only get an idea of the bottle here. Draw your own conclusions after you sip this true delight!

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Review by @MichaelPaigePhotography

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Review
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof image by @MichaelPaigePhotography

“Holy Barrel Proof! What a quality Elijah Craig bourbon this is! For starters, it is absolutely spicy on the nose but not so much that is masks the vanilla and caramel. I also got traces of cherry, too. The high-proof spice lingers on the palate, but notes of oak and toasted marshmallow follow with grace. After a dram of this neat, I added 5 ml of water to my next 1.5 oz pour and let it sit for a few minutes. This is where it became even more interesting. Naturally, the spiciness cooled down, but cinnamon and other fruits became abundant on the palate while more oak and sweetness lingered on a medium-long finish. Hands down one of my favorite barrel-proof bourbons at the moment. Do yourself a favor and pick up a bottle or two!” – @michaelpaigephotography

A Quick Advice from @BarrelStrength_Eric

Barrel Strength
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof image by @BarrelStrength_Eric

“I can sum up Elijah Craig Barrel Proof B519 in two words… dangerously drinkable.” @barrelstrength_eric

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Review by @M.Jomr

Elijah Craig
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof image by @M.Jomr

“Snagged a bottle of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, and it is simply phenomenal! The B519 is bottled at 122 proof, which is lower than the 133 proof on the B518. But still packs plenty of spice and complex flavors. My verdict? Get a bottle.” @m.jomr

Easy Verdict by @TheBourbonBoulevardier

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Review
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof image by @TheBourbonBoulevardier

“Big flavor comes in small batches. Or at least from Heaven Hill Distillery, it does. Here we have one of my personal favorites… Elijah Craig Barrel Proof. Shown here are Batch B518, B519, and A119. In my opinion, one of the best barrel-proof whiskeys on the market. Sure, some releases are better than others, and opinions will always vary. But I’ve yet to be disappointed. Fortunate to round these three up while out of town, and excited to try batch A119 and compare to the other batches I’ve had.” – @thebourbonboulevardier

Thoughts from @My.Bourbon.Journal

Bourbon .Journal
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof image by @My.Bourbon.Journal

“Elijah Craig Barrel Proof. This is Batch B519, 122.2 proof. But it doesn’t matter. They’re all damn excellent in my opinion.” @my.bourbon.journal

Fancy Idea from @BourbonStagram

Bourbon Stagram
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof image by @BourbonStagram

“Another day, another bourbon. The new batch of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof is fire, but I might give the edge to A119. I think the mouthfeel of that one is a tad more oily.”@bourbonstagram

Thoughts from @Whiskey_and_Photography

Whiskey and Photography
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof image by @Whiskey_and_Photography

“Elijah Craig Barrel Proof! This just explodes with flavors I still can’t pinpoint. I’m being told that with time, I can start picking out flavors. It just requires practice, so I’m working on it. But all in all, a fantastic bourbon.” – @whiskey_and_photography

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Review by @UrbanBourbonFervor

Urban Bourbon Fervor
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof image by @UrbanBourbonFervor

“Finally got my hands on Elijah Craig Barrel Proof and only paid a couple bucks over retail, which is always great! Stepped into a hole-in-the-wall on the way to an eye appointment and just randomly lucked out! And oh man, this juice is glorious. I’m less than a fan of ECSB, but this is absolutely a whole ‘nother beast! After trying EC18 a while back, I knew Elijah Craig offers some fantastic expressions; very glad I pulled the trigger on this find!! For those interested, this is Batch No. A119. Cheers!” – @urbanbourbonfervor

Nice Takeaway from @Atl_Brown_Water_Society

Brown Water Society
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof image by @Atl_Brown_Water_Society

“A crowd-pleaser heavyweight coming in at 122.2 proof–the Elijah Craig Small Batch Barrel Proof is always worth a pickup. Do you have one on your shelf?” – @atl_brown_water_society

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Review by @Bourbon2020

ourbon 2020
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof image by @Bourbon2020

“Fire vs. more Fire. ECBP is always a clear winner on my shelf and one of the best values out there. Now B517 vs A119? The new release is fire even compared to the acclaimed batch. While B517 may be a little more balanced, A119 is something special, similar to the old stubby black labels.” @bourbon2020

Final Thoughts from @BourbonLens

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Review
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof image by @BourbonLens

“This one ranks high on the list for us… Batch A119 is the highest-proof expression of Elijah Craig since their bottle redesign. It clocks in at 135.2 proof and spent 12 years in oak.”@bourbonlens

We’re Loving This

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof should run you around sixty bucks, and it’s worth every single penny. (For our money, anyway.) Once you give this one a shot, you’ll never turn back. That’s a near-guarantee. Newbies, we don’t recommend running out and snatching this up, though. See Bourbon for Beginners for what you need to know.

Want to leave your own Elijah Craig Barrel Proof review? Please do! Write to us and our Prestige community in the comments below. We’d love to hear what you think about different batches yourself.

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