Pearse Lyons Reserve Review (So Balanced)

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This Pearse Lyons Reserve review starts off at the beginning, where every story should start.

The Irishman who purchased Lexington’s oldest distillery, Lexington Brewing Company, in 1999, hails from five generations of coopers. He then founded Alltech’s Lexington Distilling Company to bring whiskey distilling back to Lexington.

To marry two cultures in this great melting pot, Pearse Lyons first uses Scottish dual copper pot stills to make the whiskey and then ages it in used charred oak barrels. This bottle is not only his namesake, but it also represents the first Malt Whiskey to be distilled in Lexington, Kentucky since the terror that was Prohibition.

Pearse Lyons Reserve Review

On average, a 750 ml bottle of Pearse Lyons Reserve will run you about $35, but that will vary depending on your location. The mash-bill puts Pearse Lyons Reserve at 100 percent malted barley aged in charred oak barrels that once held Bourbon and Kentucky Bourbon.

Notes, nose, and pour

In our whiskey glass, the pour comes to a brilliant orange with hints of a lovely rust color around the edges of the glass. The nose bridges the Irish and American style of this reserve’s composition and process with splashes of ripe raspberries and oak. Pearse Lyons Reserve is a bit chaotic from this point on. If you let it catch a bit of air, you’ll also find molasses and raisins, with a bit of vanilla that threatens to become aggressive but remains mellow.

The palate and finish

The palate balances out some of this bottle’s complexity with that woody vanilla flavor, along with hints of the crispy sort of greens you find yourself pulled toward during the first days of summer. And, the palate is also a bit dryer than the nose might have led you to believe, but as we said, it’s a complex whiskey that’s mind-bogglingly balanced. The finish is short, spicy, and warm.

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Pearse Lyons Reserve review
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Pearse Lyons Distillery

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Pearse Lyons Distillery | Image credit: @ba_my_97

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“Have I died and gone to heaven?”

To finish

This bottle’s history (and what it represents) remind us of the tensions present in the history of Prohibition. Basically, the temperance movement won a temporary victory, which many Americans disagreed with. However, Prohibition also created a lot of history for the U.S. and a lot of potentials. What little known factoid or piece of Americana do you have that you can share with us in the comments section or on our IG page?


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