Single Grain Irish Whiskey (Partially Un-Malted)

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Ladies and gents, today’s special is a little single grain Irish whiskey education. Sip it neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail. Whatever you choose, you’ll love getting to know the facts that make the single grain one of the jewels of Ireland.

What Is Single Grain Irish Whiskey?

So, what does “single grain” mean when it comes to this whiskey? Where does this stuff come from, and how is it made? We’ll answer all that for you.

Irish whiskeys are made throughout the entire island of Ireland. They always include malted barley, but they may also include other unmalted grains. In the case of single grain, we are, indeed, going beyond barley.

What Makes It “Single” and “Grain?”

Single grain whiskey can be broken down into two parts to truly understand the full term.

  • If it’s a grain Irish whiskey, the mash includes no more than 30 percent malted barley, and it’s likely combined with other unmalted cereal (like corn or wheat). It may use peat, or it may not.
  • If it’s a single grain Irish whiskey, that simply means the liquor is distilled at a single distillery.

Single grain Irish whiskey is produced in column stills instead of pot stills. It must be aged in wooden casks (such as oak) for a minimum of three years. It can be either double- or triple-distilled.

What Does Single Grain Irish Whiskey Taste Like?

It all depends on the grain. With barley, you’re bumping into cereal sweetness, of course. With corn, it’s typically notes of vanilla, caramel, and maple syrup. As for wheat, you’ll meet with buttered bread and honey. (If you’re a bourbon lover, think Maker’s Mark. Or Pappy’s, if you’ve been so lucky.)

Keep reading, because  Teeling will even bring a little fruit to the game in our must-try bottle below.

Okay. So, we’re already drooling over here. We’re headed to pour ourselves a Prestige whiskey glass of this “water of life.”

Single Grain Irish Whiskey Must-Try

We tend to agree with Distiller’s picks, and that’s the case here, too. In their single grain Irish whiskey selections, they’ve opted for Teeling (Best Irish Grain 2019 at World Whiskies Awards). It runs about fifty bucks, and it abounds in a fruit flavor we can’t resist.

Ah, thank goodness for those wine casks that deliver the fruity magic. And you know we love that 95 percent corn mash bill. We’re Kentucky kids at Prestige, after all.

Teeling Whiskey
Teeling Single Grain | We hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

Give Us Your Favorite

Share with us your favorite single grain below in the comments. We’d love to hear from you. We’re always reviewing bottles, so who knows? We just might use your comment as a point of inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by today. We hope you’ll enjoy some single grain Irish whiskey pours this year, this weekend, this evening… whenever! It’s always a good time for this stuff.


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