National Tequila Day Unusual Tequila Cocktails

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We’re sliding seven outstanding tequila cocktails your way today! Know why? It’s National Tequila Day! We’re pumped. There’s no other way to say it. Prestige is delighted by these tequila sights. We’re ready to get to mixing ourselves.

You’re about to get slammed by ROY G. BIV. Or, you know, as close as we can get to all the colors of the rainbow. A day like this calls for all the fireworks, bells and whistles, and flavor. Get ready!

Many of our selections below are margaritas. It figures. But we’ve discovered some other varieties, including a riff on the Tequila Sunrise. Keep reading all the way to the end!

7 Tequila Cocktails That’ll Make Your Heart Sing

Somewhere over the great, wide rainbow… Maybe heaven is filled with tequila. Tequila cocktails to be exact. If you’re a fan, you need no convincing. If you’re not, well, get off your high horse! Cocktails are fun. And they’re freaking pretty, guys. There. We said it. Tequila cocktails are fine as hell.

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1. Watermelon Hibiscus Margarita

Tequila Cocktails - From the cocktailin’
Watermelon Hibiscus Margarita by @elle_talk

Here’s our red/pink cocktail. Isn’t it just lovely? With cubed watermelon and a hibiscus simple syrup, refreshment is guaranteed. Get the delightful recipe here.

2. Tahonarita ( Top of Epic Tequila Cocktails )

Tequila Cocktails - Tahonarita
Tahonarita by @holycityhandcraft

Pineapple, grapefruit, and lime–oh my! Agave nectar and smoked salt? Get out of town. This tequila magic is going to knock you out. In a good way. The delicious recipe awaits you on IG right here.

3. Dynasty Margarita

Tequila Cocktails - Dynasty Margarita
Dynasty Margarita mentioned by @cocktailcourier

The Chinese staples of lychee and ginger come into play with this one. And we’re ready to play. Are you ready to play? Get ready to play. You can find all the details here.

4. Skinny Spicy Cucumber Margarita

Tequila Based Cucumber Margarita
Skinny Spicy Cucumber Margarita by @elysewellness

We’re always looking for a good sugarless option for some of the folks around here at Prestige. This is a winner. Fresh and tart, bringing the heat. Yes, please. Make plans for your healthier cocktail with the recipe directions here.

5. My Precious Sapphire

tequila_cocktails - My Precious Sapphire
My Precious Sapphire by @asthebarflies

Can you even deal right now? The color on this one sells it. And the flavor? It’s no joke. You can find the full recipe on IG here.

6. Purple Groove ( Super Tequila Cocktail )

Purple Groove by the margarita mum
Purple Groove by @the_margarita_mum

Coconut cream, lemon, and blackberries? We’ll take two. Right now. This cocktail will transport you. Where? To the best place on earth. The recipe can be found here.

7. Spanish Sunrise

Tequila Cocktails - Spanish Sunrise
Spanish Sunrise by @scottishmixology

It’s a take on the beloved Tequila Sunrise. And you’re going to be impressed! Look for the recipe here.

Picture-Perfect Tequila Cocktails

We’ve got the perfect glasses for these cocktails. Check out the entire Prestige glassware lineup here. Add some personality and fun to your drinks. And pour that leftover tequila (if there is any) into one of our snazzy decanters! All of our products are handcrafted and durable. You’ll be able to “cheers” for a lifetime.

Want more margarita action? Read our article on Best Tequila for Margarita.

Do you have a tequila cocktail that you’d recommend? We’d like to hear about it. Link to recipes in the comments below. Tell us what you love. And by all means, self-promote!

Happy National Tequila Day to you, Prestige fam! Share this link on all your accounts so we can all get sipping in the right direction.


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