Town Branch Bourbon Review

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Like the bourbon, this Town Branch Bourbon review is going to be simple, to the point, and worth your time.

For starters, one key idea from the temperance movement is that: “alcohol is dangerous!” Well, Town Branch Bourbon comes with a simple paper label and wood cork in an elegant bottle heavy enough to be a blunt object. It’ll certainly spice up your palate, or your whiskey shelf at the very least. Created by a man named Dr. Thomas Pearse Lyons, Town Branch Bourbon brought bourbon distilling back to Lexington, Kentucky in 2012.

Our Town Branch Bourbon Review

Town Branch Bourbon comes in the color of polished copper and it’s a bit watery, for those of you who like a light pour. Don’t mistake that to mean the flavor, though. On the nose, you’re going to get something that’s a bit sweeter than your typical bourbon.

The citrus and caramel really come through here, along with a mix of fruit and that oak barrel. The palate comes out dryer than the nose will, and you’ll get those corn and spice flavors you expect with every bourbon. The palate is a bit harsh with its ashy oak flavor, but this is a $20 to $30 bottle at 40 percent ABV. The finish is short, dry, and warm with that pepper and spice finishing off the sip.

The mash bill is:

  • 72 percent Corn
  • 15 percent malted barley
  • 13 percent Rye

Town Branch Bourbon Review Pictures from IG Enthusiasts

We’re going to let your fellow bourbon experts and enthusiasts share their opinion of what matters most to them where this bourbon is concerned.

@5in5o calls it!

Town Branch Bourbon
Town Branch Bourbon | Image credit: @5in5o

“Creativity has no time clock. Town Branch Bourbon!” – @5in5o

@trwinespirits seems pretty excited.

Town Branch Bourbon
Town Branch Bourbon | Image credit: @trwinespirits

“Couple ‘o new kids on the block….”

@kentuckybourbonjosh aspires for more.

review by @kentuckybourbonjosh
Town Branch Bourbon | Image credit: @kentuckybourbonjosh

“Moving weekend…I’ll have another…”

@eoscases says it’s made close by.

Town Branch Bourbon Review
Town Branch Bourbon | Image credit: @eoscases

“This fuckin #eosorca is a beast!! And that Town Branch Bourbon is made 5 min from the house.” – @eoscases

No ski trip is complete without Town Branch.

By @townbranchbourbon
Town Branch Bourbon | Image credit: @townbranchbourbon

“I didn’t know that Rye, after hitting the mountains with fire, would be tempting!”

One final note from us:

@kentuckybourbonjoshAll in all, this is a great mid-range whiskey perfect for sharing a pour with friends. Its shiny copper color and strong flavors make it a perfect match for a whiskey decanter. Don’t forget to check out our lineup while you’re here! Also, find us on IG and share your thoughts on this bourbon.

Have you ever had Town Branch Bourbon? What did you think? Leave your responses in the comment section below to join in the conversation. We’d love to hear from you.


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