Unique Personalized Wedding Gifts Idea

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Unique personalized wedding gifts are hard to come by!  But you’re in luck. The search is over. We’ve got everything you need to make them stop and stare, right here at Prestige Decanters.

Sure, the bride and groom are registered at the usual places. But you’re tired of gifting towels, sheets, and blenders. And frankly, someone else is going to get those anyway. Instead, surprise them with some practical household necessities that will leave them in awe.

The 4 Unique Personalized Wedding Gifts They’ll Treasure

Need unique personalized wedding gifts sure to impress? Let’s go.

1) A diamond is forever…

Unique Personalized Wedding Gifts Idea
Diamond Shaped Decanter | by Prestige Decanters.

This gorgeous Diamond Shaped Decanter is handcrafted. And the base is made from red oak wood right here in Kentucky. The glass is thick, hand-blown, and durable. This will be something the bride and groom can use and enjoy for the rest of their lives. It won’t get tucked away inside a closet or shoved under the bed. It’ll be front and center in their kitchen or home bar.

And there’s plenty more where that came from. Know a pair of golfers getting hitched? Maybe a couple of football fanatics or folks who like to sail or boat? We’ve got so many brilliant decanters that cater to a variety of personalities.

2) A couple of glasses for the happy couple…

Diamond Shaped Whiskey Glasses
Diamond Shaped Whiskey Glasses | by Prestige Decanters

These Diamond Shaped Whiskey Glasses go really well with the decanter above. The set feels complete with these two! Can’t you just imagine those long nights of conversation, unpacking, setting up house, and romance the future holds for the newlyweds? Help them do it right by helping them unwind. Nothing says “sit back and relax” like these quality glasses perfect for sipping together.

As before, there are plenty more glasses to choose from!

3) May they “coast” into married bliss…

Unique Personalized Wedding Gifts Idea
Personalized Coaster Set | by Prestige Decanters.

Head over and check out our many unique personalized wedding gifts in the coaster form! See the lineup here. We think you’ll love some of these designs. Don’t see what you like? Let’s chat about a custom design for the future Mr. and Mrs. We’ll do everything we can to help you make their dreams come true!

4) To have and to hold…their drinks (bar tray)

Customized Bar Tray
Personalized and Customized Bar Tray | by Prestige Decanters.

Our Acacia Wood Bar Trays are super quality and make quite the statement. Any couple would be delighted to open this gift–especially paired with one or more of the gift options listed above. You can browse all of our designs and let us know which custom design speaks to you. Once again, we’re willing to work with you to get you what you need.

Barware for the Bride and Groom

In a world of so much stuff, it’s nice to receive a gift that truly belongs to you. It bears your name or represents something you love. Whether you go for the decanter, glasses, coasters, and/or the tray, you’ll have the just-married crew writing one whopper of a thank you note. They’re going to love the creativity behind your gift.

Brides and grooms, if you’re reading this, don’t forget to mention one of our snazzy decanters to your close friends and family. Plant the seed, and hopefully, one of these beauties will land in your newly-joined hands. Also, if you need tips for wedding party presents, see our article on Wedding Party Gifts.

Have a great time at the wedding, Prestige fam. And don’t go empty handed. Get those lovebirds a gift they’ll cherish. Get them some conversation pieces that really mean something to them.

Oh, and before you go, tell us which product above you’d love to have if you were the one getting married! Leave your answer in the comments below.

Do you take this decanter…? You get the idea. If so, say, “I do.”


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