What Is Cask Strength? Hot, Furious, Punchy!

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What is cask strength? Should you try it? How do you drink it, exactly? We’re answering those very questions today on the blog. We’ll keep things fairly simple and straightforward. You’ll be on your cask strength way in no time. Read on to understand this all-important whisky term.

What Is Cask Strength?

Usually, a label refers to the particular process used to make a whisky. But cask strength refers to the lack of a process. It’s all about what hasn’t been done to your liquor.

Most of the time, a whisky is brought down to a specific standard proof (alcohol by volume). How is this achieved? Water is added before bottling. Why? So bottles are consistent.

But cask strength is exactly what it sounds like. What you see is what you get. When the whisky is drawn from the cask, it’s bottled. It’s matured in the cask, and it comes directly from that cask to you.

Nothing is added. And not much is taken away either. Distilleries will often filter to remove solid particles, but that’s it. Because of this, you’ll often notice a dreamy haze. Your stunning whisky decanter will be filled with a beautiful, but possibly a rather cloudy spirit.

What Does Cask Strength Whisky Taste Like?

It’s the bully of the bunch. Get ready to feel the punch. But that’s what we love. The experience! Beat us up, cask strength beauties!

When whisky goes into the cask, it’s pretty one-note. It’s the relationship with the cask that makes the difference in flavor. Ladies and gents, it’s intense. It’s earth, smoke, and fire. You might also feel mighty waves of fruit, spice, vanilla, leather, seaweed, and very dark chocolate. (Just to name a few.)

We like Liquor.com’s 7 cask strengths to try! We have all these in our Prestige bar.

How Should You Drink Your Cask Strength?

Don’t let anyone tell you that adding water is for wimps. It’s not. And here’s why. You’ll actually notice different flavors and complexities when you do. The water helps release varying tones you’re sure to appreciate.

Just dilute it until it suits you. We recommend an ice cube if you want a cool refresher. Or room temp water if you’re looking to warm your body and soul.

Add your water a little at a time. You certainly don’t want to over-dilute.

Strong All Day and Night Long

“What is cask strength?” you ask. It’s something that’s worth a shot. That’s for sure. If you’ve been wondering about it, go for it. No more FOMO. Head out to your local bar. Plan a happy hour with your favorite whisky buddy. Try, try, and keep trying.

Serve up these glasses of glory on your DIY wall bar cabinet–a great project if you have a weekend to spare. Most importantly, enjoy yourself and learn more about what you love!

Leave us a comment below, and tell us your story. We’d love to hear about your first pour — whether you remember it well or are looking forward to it in the near future.

Whisky onward, people!


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